Agriwin® Central Tire Inflation System

AGRIWIN® is the solution to regulate and adapt the tire pressure according to the user needs, from the cabin, while on motion.

Our innovation is very versatile, compatible with every tractor brand and can fit all types of machines: tractor, trailer, spreader, sprayer,  slurry tankers…

Our quality commitments

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Interface eletronic device

Example of a slippage alert: the system indicates a high slippage rate, it is advised to adapt the tire pressure to decrease the slippage rate.

Sodijantes Industrie also offers two additional hydraulic compressors (550 L / min and 4000 L / min). For example, for a convoy tractor (front axle: 600/70 R 30 – rear: 710/60R42) + three axle spreader (750/60R30.5), the inflation time will be 3 minutes with our 4000 L / min compressor.