Our team

Bureaux / Office Sodijantes Industrie

Our team is composed of 20 employees, divided between the different departments of the company.

Sodijantes Industrie is proud to present you the team:

  • To help you define your needs and advise with the optimal product you will need according to many parameters (the machine that will be fitted with the rims, the use of the machine, the technical details of the rims and many more), we have two technical sales representatives ready to help you.


  • To study the feasibility of your project and make sure all the requirements are met according to your needs, our technical department will do its best to serve you. Our technicians have an expert knowledge of the technical data that surrounds a wide range of agricultural machines and have a significant mass of technical information stored within the department.


  • Our production team takes over from the technical department to bring life to your product. From the sourcing of the parts, passing by the plasma cutting bench, the turning and milling, the drilling, the welding, and the painting, our employees are experts in their field.


  • To communicate with you and bring you news about our company, the promotions we make, the special offers we elaborate for you and the innovations that we create to make our contribution to the agricultural world; our communication team is committed to that.


  • To take care of the details of your products shipment, our logistic team is happy to help you whether you need a specific transportation mode or information regarding your shipment.