Dual wheels

Technique and quality of our wheels spacers

The quality of our different types of dual wheels systems is also guaranteed by the quality of our wheel spacers.

The DTS Spacer rings undergo several steps of calibrating, ensuring the most precise fitment of any dual wheel system available. This ensures a tight fitment and makes the dual system capable of transferring the power from even the most powerful tractors, with the need for fewer clamps.


Jumelage MD HD Jumelage MD HD


The stop lug helps aligning the dual wheel parallel to the tractor wheel, to make mounting of the duals an even easier operation. It makes mounting easier, but it also ensures that you can demount the duals easily by preventing the spacer ring jamming in your tractor wheel.


Dual wheel systems

Reducing the tractor weight impact on the soils, increasing the traction, benefiting from fuel economies and saving time: fitting a tractor with dual wheels is a solution for all farmers who want to work in better conditions.


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Dual wheel HD / MD systems

Sodijantes Industrie offers a very simple and quick dual wheel solution, which does not require any soldering or marking operation and which is adapted to all tractor power.


Dual wheels MD+ up to 160 HP and dual wheels HD+ up to 420 CV

Above, you will find some of the parts of our dual wheels systems.

Dual wheel AW-QUICK system

Up to 140 HP, the system can be used to dual 2 wheels with just one central clamp.

Click here to see the installation illustration for the AW-QUICK dual wheel system.

Our MOLCON cleats to be welded

“Luxe” cleat and “Pointe” cleat