Modification & repair

Sodijantes Industrie also offers to modify and repair damaged rims, in its range of products and services. Those services include many different operations possible:

  • a change of disc or rim, and the setting of a demountable centre
  • rim reinforcement
  • rim spreading or narrowing
  • moving the disc to change the offset


Réparation d’une jante 18 x 38 + renforcement moyeu reparation - before after

Disc centre changing or rim, or setting a demountable centre

Modification jante tracteur

Rim flange reinforcement

Renfort jante tracteur Renfort voile tracteur

Rim spreading or narrowing


Disc moving to change the offset

Modification de voie tracteur Jante tracteur grand deport Jante tracteur grand deport 3 jante tracteur grand deport 2 Roue grand déport tracteur