Rims & Adjustable discs

Fixed track rim

A fixed track rim is made up of 2 parts: the rim part and a flat disc. This type of rim only comes in 2 different offsets but it is very solid, especially for wide rims.

Adjustable track rims

An adjustable track rim is composed of 3 or 4 parts: the rim part, a waffle wheel disc and sometimes a demountable center. This type of wheel allows different offsets, and it is mainly used for plowing and as narrow wheels.

Formed disc or flat disc

If you already have wheels but the clamping of the hub is no longer the same, we can provide all parts needed to redo your wheel.

Sodijantes can provide formed discs, flat discs drilled, flange to reinforced lugs, demountable centres, as well as bolts and screws to assemble the rims.